Is colocation right for you?

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Article by Rack Alley

Sometimes, traditional web hosting can’t keep up with all your specific needs. You might want complete control over your hardware and software. Or you might want to be free of all those bandwidth restrictions. If that sounds familiar, colocation might be the option for you.

Colocation is the act of renting space at a data center to store your own servers or network devices. You’ll be responsible for your own software and hardware, because all of the equipment will be your property, rather than the data center’s. If you feel that your systems work best when they’re set up in a very specific way, colocation will let you customize your set-up without any interference from people at the data center. They’ll just be there for technical support, security, and monitoring.

Yet, despite this highly individualized process, your servers will still benefit from the data center’s resources. Data centers usually have features such as backup power, fire suppression, and environmental control to ensure that your servers are protected from unforeseen circumstances that threaten your website’s uptime. If you really want to take your website’s performance to the next level, colocation provides more resources and benefits than just leaving your servers at the office.

Also, colocation will give you more bandwidth than traditional web hosting or keeping your servers at the office. And your colocation host may even let you have a server all to yourself, rather than having to share it with another company in other hosting solutions.


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