3 Common SEO Myths

Understanding SEO comes from years of working with strategies, some that might work while others might not. It’s not easy to determine what works all of the time, thanks to Google’s secrecy when it comes to search engine optimization.

However, with a few years of experience in SEO, you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff i.e. debunk SEO myths that have been doing the rounds for a while now.

So here are 3 common SEO myths that people should avoid buying into:

#1: All SEO strategies are Black Hat in nature

Some people are of the perception that all SEO strategies are Black Hat in nature. Nothing can be further from the truth. Black Hat SEO strategies are essentially strategies that try to ‘cheat the system’ set up by Google. Conversely, White Hat strategies are those that are within the guideline set by Google, and probably what you should use if you want search engine to find your website.

#2: SEO is more technical than content related

Sadly, or fortunately for some of us, SEO is all about content. Inbound links and Metatags are made up content themselves. It’s important to be aware that without quality content, it’s unlikely that your website will feature in the top search listings.

#3: Focus on Search Engines when writing content

Again, if you focus your content towards visitors who need information, you’ll optimize your site for search engines as well. Try not to focus on search engines when writing content but the people who use the search engine instead. As simple as this sounds, this strategy always works!