The startup launch marketing plan

The success of failure of a startup or new business depends on how well the startup executes its marketing plan. Here is a basis for the creation of a marketing plan:

Strategic positioning

The first step is to define the category for the product. Then map the key benefits, the value proposition, and comparisons to the competition. Include all details including the messaging, strategies, plans and objectives. This planning should cover the first one to two years. The key question that you should keep asking yourself is “who is my customer?” along with “why should they buy from me?”


In this world of virtual goods and high levels of competition, the companies values and the brand are extremely important. You cannot get away with a simple name and logo. Everything should stand out from the crowd, from the logo design to the website. Do not push this for later, the design, colors and even web URL will depend on the results of your branding.


The web presence of your startup is the next part of the process. Not only do you need a rich site, but you will also need a compelling blog, Facebook pages and apps, Twitter feed and other social media properties that cover your niche. When there is a service involved, develop apps for both iOS and Android. Do not leave anything on the table regarding web presence. Part of this includes SEO and content marketing.