Top SEO Myths

Here are some of the most popular SEO myths in the industry:


The biggest myth is that everyone needs a dedicated SEO professional. There are a lot of businesses and market categories that need teams dedicated to SEO. However, that is not true across the board. There are sites and niches that would benefit more from using the time and money spent on SEO elsewhere.

Content is king

The phrase “content is king” holds many webmasters back. The flawed belief is that good content trumps the need for content promotion. Webmasters see sites with massive 5,000-word articles that get massive traction and believe that it is the size and quality of the content that drives its success. When in reality it is good content with great promotion.

Link building

Another myth that related to the above is that you need to earn links. You create good content, upload and then wait for the backlinks to come. When in reality, for new sites that have no network, the only way to get links at the start is to find prospects and reaching out for links or shares.

Short term SEO

Many webmasters believe that SEO changes will show an immediate impact. The reality is that any serious SEO strategy should focus on the long term. Most professionals look at least 12 months out and then reverse-engineer their requirements. In other words, plan for a year out and then plan out all the moves you need to get there.