How Instagram’s Verification System Works

Not sure how to become verified? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Follow these steps, and you’ll be sporting that shiny check mark in no time.

Step 1 – Go To Settings

Head to the menu – specifically, Settings. Near the bottom, you’ll find an option reading ‘Request Verification’, which you should select.

Step 2 – Prove Your Identity

Once you’re on this screen, you’ll need to provide the company with some information, bringing us to step two. First, put in your username, and on the line below that, your full, legal name. But, you’re not done yet.

In order to be verified, you need to provide one (1) government-issued photo ID. That includes:

-Your driver’s license

-Your state or federal ID

-Your student ID

-Your passport

-Your learner’s permit (if it has a photo)

If you can’t provide one of these things, you may also be able to submit an article of incorporation, or paperwork like old bills or tax filing.

Step 3 – Submit!

That’s it! Press ‘Submit’, sit back, and wait. It is possible you’ll be rejected (this can happen for multiple reasons), and if so, you can try again in about a month.

If you’re not sure you have what it takes to be verified, or if you have any additional questions, consider checking out the company’s FAQ about verified accounts. You can find a link to that right here.