Custom Audiences

As custom audiences grow, it means that your re-marketing channels are getting stronger. As more people are searching on certain keywords, it’s a sign that your marketing is working. It’s not a sign that your SEO is working. When someone searches for your book or company, it is a sign that it came from some other channel. Google had nothing to do with that except as a conduit. That was more navigational than search.

This is a concept that more companies and companies that are hired to manage online marketing for other companies need to understand.

The point is that you should not approach online marketing asking, how do I increase my SEO, you should ask, How do I improve the conversion potentials of my marketing.

It’s that causation vs. correlation discussion again, right?

Holistic SEO will always include content, social and all the offsite efforts that go with those. Maybe we could call that the muscle and meat. If the site hasn’t had the fundamentals addressed, you’ve only got a rickety skeleton  and nothing to grab onto and hold. Totally unsexy.

What the searcher is thinking and does is separate but obviously equally important, interdependent – since without them there’s no there there. If no one is searching in your space your SEO won’t do a thing but if they are, it’s critical. That’s why we call it SEO and Visibility with our clients.