Don’t risk your business with fake reviews

We all want a way to boost your local profile in the shortest time possible. One of those methods is to buy or swap fake reviews. However, most companies do not understand the risks of taking this route.


The first and biggest risk is falling afoul of Google’s guidelines. A lot of accounts that marketers use for fake reviews get taken down regularly. However, if Google finds a connection between you and these accounts, your site might face a penalty. Google also always finds these accounts that fake reviews and terminates them, removing all these positive reviews.


There is also a risk for the SEO that is engaging in this process of fake reviews. Often, the organization that uses their services are under the impression that the reviews are legitimate. Not only will the reputation of this firm take a hit when customers find out that these reviews are fake, but also from potential legal action for unfair competition.


Even the businesses that solicit the marketing firms can face both legal and reputation risks. As a business, you should be aware of what and how your SEO firm runs your campaigns. Always ask for a thorough accounting of all activity to ensure that everything is legal and carries no risk for your company.

Always consider the long term consequences and risks of any action you take online for yourself or on behalf of your business.