Exit-intent technology uses mouse movement detection to predict when visitors are about to leave your site.

The user is then presented with a popup to encourage them to stay or complete a purchase.

Considering that as much as 98% of visitors leave a site without doing anything, even a 2% increase in conversions can be a significant improvement to sales. Here are a few different ways to use exit-intent:

Shopping cart abandonment

The average rate of cart abandonment in 2015 was 68%. That means that as many as two thirds of visitors added something to the cart and then left the site without completing the purchase. This shows an interest in the products and an intent to buy. They are just not completely convinced. It could be shipping or it could even be cost. Offering a discount or free shipping at this stage could ensure the conversion.


Another option is to get information from the visitors and offer an incentive such as a discount or credit. Information from visitors can be extremely valuable and could also reduce incidents of shopping card abandonment etc. Keep these surveys short, ideally three questions or less.


Ensure that the design of the popup is attractive and eye catching as possible. Even with an exit popup, there is no guarantee that it will work. In order to increase the chances of the popup working, it needs to look the part and present the offer in as appealing a way as possible.