How to get the most out of keyword research tools

One of the most important tools to use from the many available for SEO are keyword research tools. It is also the first tool that most use. Unlike other tools, how you use them can vary from person to person. Here are some ways of using the output from these tools in actual use cases.

The primary use would be in content creation. However, in order to turn the keyword and keyword phrases into useful articles, the list will need to be ranked by a metric that is relevant to the website. Some of the more useful metrics would be either incoming traffic per keyword or how easily you will be able to rank high for them.

Another would be to augment or tweak existing content. Look for popular keyword phrases related to existing articles and then modify those articles to include related keywords. A lot of websites have existing articles that don’t rank well, but mostly due to a lack of keywords or related keywords within the article itself. Use the top keywords and change your content to reflect them.

Some tools will also allow you to scan a competitor’s page or the entire website. If done by page, you can find some low hanging fruit. These can be used for content creation and a content marketing campaign. Often a website will rank really well with limited backlinks, and this is one of the easiest ways to get fresh content that ranks well.