Inbound vs. Outbound: which is better?

Marketers argue over the effectiveness of inbound vs. marketing when in reality they should be looking at utilizing both. One of these techniques should not replace the other. Instead, figure out which elements are appropriate for the organization and its goals and then combine them. A single coherent strategy is an approach that will produce the best results. Here are three questions you should ask yourself when deciding which strategy should take precedence:


Anyone looking for fast results or return on a short-term campaign will find an outbound marketing campaign more appropriate. A laser focused marketing campaign will deliver faster results. In this scenario, an inbound campaign is better as a follow up to make maximum use of the exposure.


Sometimes budget limitations will dictate the approach. When the marketing budget cannot support an expensive ad or TV campaign, it is better to pool the resources towards an inbound marketing effort. Companies that have multimillion dollar budgets can afford to dedicate resources to both. Others will need to decide if the money spent is worth the returns.


Look at what your competitors are doing. Does their strategy favor one marketing strategy over the other? Are they missing out on the benefits of a particular approach? A thorough analysis of the competition is a good basis for your marketing campaign. See what works, what doesn’t and use that to your advantage. Do not be afraid to look to other, similar niches for inspiration and ideas.