Increase the chances of content appearing in the answer box

There is only one thing better than ranking at number one on Google, and that is the featured snippet (also known as the answer box). It is the most coveted spot for marketers and webmasters, with click through rates almost three times the normal average for first place. Marketers refer to this as position 0 (zero). The question is, how do you get content from your site to position 0?

The first step is to find out what search terms show the featured snippets. There are tools that will run through a list of SERPS and list out which terms show the boxes. Here are three strategies you can use to prepare your data in such a way that it could appear at position 0:


The most popular types of data that appear in answer boxes are ordered and unordered lists and then paragraphs. Use the standard structural conventions of a heading followed by whatever information you want to show.


There is a certain amount of content that Google shows in the answer boxes. Try and exceed that content, especially for lists, since you want the visitors to click through and come to your site. When everything is in the answer box, the visitor has everything they need right there and has no reason to go anywhere else.


Once you change the content, you need to get Google to crawl the page again. If you have not already done so, go to the Search Console and select those pages and request a reindex.