Social Media sites that may benefit SEO

It has been known for a white that social media participation has some effect on SEO. Specially it is recommend that Google+ be a part of your SEO efforts. The social media sites below might not benefit from much widespread use but you should consider some of them for your online marketing and SEO efforts.

1- Google+

Of course you know about Google+, but do you actually use it to its full potential for your online marketing? Google+ offers some very useful features for your business such as a product page that displays promotions and marketing features. There is also a view count that allows you to know the number of times your content has been viewed. It is has been said that posting articles or links in Google+ will speed up it’s indexing and may have SEO benefits.


Ello is considered as the antithesis of everything that Facebook stands for with its “no ad” policy. The site refuses to nag users with marketing initiatives. This might sound uninteresting from a business marketing point of view. However, it enables you to engage with users, build relationships and attract customers on a more personal level.

3- StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has been around for quite a while and has a unique way to drive attention to your business. The site features a collaborative system that enables users to filter content by categories and interests, thus creating communities of users that share common interests. StumbleUpon also has the possibility of sending users directly on an advertiser’s page, thus making marketing simpler for your business.

4- Cucumber Town

Cucumber Town focuses more on food, quite unsurprising, given its name. This site is very visual, just like Instagram or Pinterest and is ideal for food-related businesses. So if your business has anything to do with cuisine and recipes, this site is great to engage users.