“.Sucks” Domains 101: How They May Affect Your Business

Article by Pierre Zarokian of Reputation Stars.

The .sucks domain name cheap jerseys isn’t all tragedy and somberness for companies, you can find a huge opportunity to attain worthwhile reviews for your service. Creating your .sucks domain names can help cheap nfl jerseys claim that property in Google search. It’s possible to host wholesale jerseys China a testimonials form there, or publish your favorite replies the same way that Botto Italian Bistro has its “Fails” page of awful Yelp reviews.

It’s also possible to allow the site to remain dormant, or publish an wholesale item or a product that reminds people of the China value behind your brand or label. It isn’t only an outlet for rage and disappointment, it’s an area for corporations to regulate messaging and inspire critique and cooperation.

It’s certainly feasible that ICANN is pulling what Senator Jay Rockefeller calls a “shakedown scheme,” cheap jerseys China however, there is a substantial chance for manufacturers to uncover what does not work regarding their service. That might lead to some real changes in what they provide to consumers, and ultimately their revenue.

It’s not apparent just yet exactly how this could impact Search Engine Optimization and reputation management. The From search engines performed some work to reduce exact match domain name spam, which could potentially interfere with a number of spam or slanderous websites. Could spammers possibly find it difficult creating a defamation website in this way, or will Google queries lead individuals straight to these anonymous gripe websites?

Article was written by Pierre Zarokian of Reputation Stars. Do you have a strategy for dealing with this kind of PR problem? If not, Reputation Stars can help!