The best features from the new AdWords interface

The new AdWords Experience, as the new interface is known, does not have feature parity with the existing interface. However, users who are beta testing the new interface point to some exclusive new features that publishers will enjoy when the new interface launches. The new interface is rolling out to everyone slowly, will Google looking to complete the rollout by the end of the year.

Promotion extensions

One of the new features exclusive to AdWords Experience is ability to show and link to a specific offer from a text ad. The offer stands out on the page from other ads with a small tag that indicates the offer.

Household income

In the older interface you could only target household income from the location interface. With the new interface, you can now target household income from the demographics tab directly. There is a chart that shows how your campaign is performing across the various income levels.

Landing page performance

An upcoming feature will allow publishers some insight on the performance of the various landing pages in the campaign. The aim of the feature is to allow advertisers to improve the user experience and performance of their campaigns.

Store sales

Some retailers will be able to import data from their stores into AdWords. The data will be based on the email address tied into the stores loyalty program. This feature will be a game changer for many stores, as they can now tie online promotion to store sales.