Top 3 Ranking Report Software

Ranking reports are a must for any SEO efforts. It is time consuming to manually check keyword rankings in Google and other search engines, specially if you have tens of keywords. Hence, using ranking report software is a great idea. Some ranking report software may even provide you a limited version for free.

Here are our top 3 ranking report software:

1- Advanced Web Ranking

This is our top pick for ranking software. It is a cloud based ranking software starting at $49/month. If you are an SEO service provider, you can run multiple campaigns for several clients and even they have a white label API, so that your clients would not know what software you are using. You can also provide your customers their own login for ondemand access to the online reports.

The software offers many features and different types of layouts and comparisons, to past reports. It also can track competitors keyword rankings and compare it to yours.

You can also monitor social media activity.

2- Web CEO

Web CEO is not only a ranking software, but it is a full internet marketing platform, which will help with your SEO efforts. They have a free version for 2 projects and the next level up starts at $99/month.

It’s been a while since we used this software, so I am not too familiar with the current version. The older version was desktop based, but it seemed they may have gone to cloud now.

3- Authority Labs

Authority Labs is another cloud based ranking report platform. I have only used the demo version of this, when I was looking for a ranking report software for our company. But in my research, this was one of my top choices. At the end I picked Advanced Web Ranking over this, because I really liked the layouts you can use for reputation management purposes.

Their pricing starts at $99/month which is more expensive than Advanced Web Ranking for a beginner or someone with a few websites.

If you are an SEO company, they also offer white labeling.