Top 5 Keywords Research Tools

When you consider all of the tools available for SEO, many beginners do not realize that keyword research should form the core of their efforts. Keyword research influences your content decisions, advertising bidding choices etc. Bad choices here can result in a lot of wasted effort and money.

There are hundreds of tools out there and any professional will really need to use between three to five. We identified a few tools and narrowed it down to the top five keyword research tools. Please note that not all of these tools are free.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

There are a lot of keyword tools out there with fancy toolsets and features but nothing will beat the simplicity of the Google tool. The basics are there from keyword volumes, lists and related keywords along with trends. Another nice feature is the ability to enter a competitor landing page and get a list of relevant and high volume keywords.


They are known mostly for their keyword research tool. The database of over 160 million keywords generates 1000 keywords from every seed that you enter. You can then broaden the search by using getting related topics and keywords. The most recent tool added to the set is Link Builder. It searches the link database for the best link prospects based on the relevance of your search along with authority and popularity. No follow links, redirects and other links that add no value to your link graph.

Keyword Discovery

They collect data from 200 search engines, which combined make for something like 36 billion searches worth of data. In addition there are keyword data for ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay and other shopping sites. When you look at eBay sales as a target then this data is invaluable. While some would argue that it is one of the best keyword tools on the market, it is definitely one of the most expensive. The enterprise level, which is meant for large organizations or agencies, comes to $4500 per year.

Keyword Spy

Another keyword research tool that covers organic keywords, PPC, etc all. A comprehensive suite that does not have a free option. What they give you that nobody else does are country based selections which have regional databases for countries like Poland, Mexico etc. There are two accounts, the research account and the tracking account which can be subscribed to separately, or together if you get the professional package. Their affiliate intelligence is also very useful as it provides data from the biggest affiliate players in the industry like Clickbank, CJ etc.


Wouldn’t it be a massive advantage if you could find out what your competition is ranking for? That is exactly what SEMRush does. It is a keyword competition tool that shows you exactly what any domain is ranking for, how much traffic it gets for each. For example:- This sort of data is perfect when paired with a service like SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer. The resulting output would identify high traffic keywords ranked pages with low backlinks.