Top Agility and Stamina Tips for Novice Soccer Players

Agility and endurance are two of the most important aspects of soccer that most coaches continue to neglect when it comes to their training sessions. Sure, you can run have your team do lap after lap, but it’s not going to help their endurance if their body is accustomed to running, or even jogging, at a consistent rate the entire duration of their session.

Mix-and-Match Drills

One thing you’ll want to incorporate into your current drills is meshing numerous drills into one to enhance the player’s overall stamina. For instance, let’s say you’re doing dribbling exercises. You’ll want to try and push the players to a distance where they can work on their timing and stamina with the ball at their feet.

Another solid drill option would be to have each player run the entirety of the field with the ball, whilst passing amongst one another, until they reach the goal for a shot. Doing this will work on anticipation, accuracy, stamina, and agility. These are all crucial aspects that each player must work on to improve his or her overall game.

Power Training

Power training is another valuable drill that you can run with your team if you’re looking to improve their overall stamina. You don’t need to make them run the entire time. Rather, have them hit the gym and work on performing leg presses, squats, and other lower and upper leg workouts. Remember, running alone won’t develop immense leg strength, you’ll want to rely on alternate forms of workouts.

Purchase Training Equipment

On this note, purchasing soccer balls with free shipping can supply you with an abundance of balls for your players to use. However, you can also look to purchase some training equipment that’s designed to push the user to his or her limits, increasing range of motion, and even assist with their overall strength. Keep on the lookout for these pieces. Some of them include things like: ankle weights, stretching bands, even miniature parachutes that provide more resistance to those that are running.

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